Why Fish With Us?

The No Limits Team has been fishing since 1998! That is almost twenty years of passion for the sea, sharing experiences and growing together. We are proud to say that ours is the biggest catch-and-release, fishing team that sails through the waters of the South of Tenerife!

We love what we do, and we have poured our hearts into this project. You will be able
to see it for yourself in our boats: the No Limits One and No Limits Two.

Feel safe with us

The No Limits One and No Limits Two are fully equipped with safety and security gear.

Fishing route

We have developed a reliable, trustworthy fishing route that optimizes time and traveling.

Our Charters

There’s a charter plan for everyone, check them out below!


Shared 4h Charter



Private Charter

From 450€


La Gomera Charter

From 1300€

What's Included

Once you step into one of our boats with the No Limits Team, you will credited as a legitimate new angler, we provide a fishing license! Our boats are equipped with top quality technology, everything to make your experience a unique and entertaining one. But it’s not just technology and equipment we provide; there’s lots of beverages and drinks for you to enjoy.

Just pack your “angler gear” (sunglasses, hat, cap, sunscreen, sports cloth) and you’ll be ready for sailing!

Best captain

Ours is a specialized team, with over twenty years of experience in sailing and traveling. You’ll be safe with our captains!

For all skill levels and ages

The No Limits Team provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re a newcomer in the world of fishing or you’re an experienced angler, your time with us will be special!

Tenerife´s beauty

Tenerife´s beauty The Atlantic Ocean is truly a wonder. Sail the coast of Tenerife and discover it's natural beauty.

Parking available

You can rest assure. Puerto Colon Marina offers customers the chance of parking their vehicles, right next to the pontoon (parking charges apply).