Best Places to Fish in Tenerife

Places to Fish in Tenerife

Tenerife, besides being known for its impressive landscapes, its tasty gastronomy and the great variety of places to visit, is one of the best places in the world for fishing.

There are a lot of places you can visit on the island for fishing. In fact, in Tenerife Fishing no Limits we will help you make the best plans to go fishing, providing you with the necessary equipment and transportation, so that you can just concentrate on enjoying your fishing journey.

Here, you will find a summary with the places we consider the best for fishing activities all over the island. So that, we invite you to continue reading.

Where to fish in Tenerife? best fishing spots

Punta de Abona

Fishing in Punta Abona

One of the main fishing spots in the island is Punta de Abona where we will see fishermen on the shore, throwing their fishing rods trying to fish the catch of the day.

This place is amazing, not only for the fishig activity, but because is a Paradise place to relax while you fish. You will recognize this little town by the lighthouse that presides the horizon.

In San Miguel de Abona there are two important fishing types: From shore and bottom fishing. In Tenerife Fishing No Limits we can help you with the second type given our extensive knowledge in this topic.

Fishing in Los Cristianos

Fishing in Los Cristianos

Sport fishing is a very common activity in Los Cristianos. Its crystal clear waters, as well as a great diversity of species, makes this place one of the best to have some fun while doing some fishing. In fact, this is a very popular enternainment deeply rooted in native´s culture.

Bottom fishing is the main kind of fishing practice in this area, and we can find the following species:

  • Sama
  • Sargo
  • Cabrilla
  • And many others

As this kind of fishing is part of the villager´s routines, you will observe, at any hour of the day, ships departing and arriving with fresh fish.  This is why you will be able to enjoy a daily lunch just with the catch of the day.

There are several ways to fish in Los Cristianos: You can see people fishing from shore, doing fishing in boats, or doing the trolling mode. Then, you will see professional fishermen with their huge networks.

It is also ery common to see both residents and tourists fishing from the shore, and if you want to go to the most popular fishing place in Los Cristianos, you have to go to the old pier, near to Callao’s beach, a very safe place do this activity, almost 5 meters from the bottom.

Los Abrigos

From 2015, it’s possible to take a bath on the beach with the same name, as well as fishing in the area.

Previous to this year, swimming was not permitted, because of the high boat traffic. However, there’s a point that has been cleared off and can be used for taking a bath with no risk.

In this fishing village, which you can see in the post main picture, you can sit down and enjoy the beautiful and relaxed environment while you throw your rod to do some fishing.

Fishing in Playa San Juan

Fishing in Playa San Juan Tenerife

Playa San Juan is another great place to do sport fishing in Tenerife. It is  an amazing point to enjoy the beach, and you can take your rod with you or hire a fishing charter and prove how good your skills are.

Next to San Juan’s port, it’s possible to sit down and fish or, in case you go on a boat, contemplate whales and dolphins in their own natural habitat.

NOTE: The authorities take  very seriously the care and protection of these species.

If you want to go fishing, Tenerife is an amazing place to do it. In fact, we’ll be updating this post with new places where you can go and enjoy what this island can offer in terms of fishing.

If you have already done his activity, just leave your impressions and comments! So you can help other visitors interested, and give us some feedback about your experience.

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