Tenerife Fishing Charters

Tenerife Fishing Charters

If you’re planning to visit Tenerife, you should know that fishing is one of the activities you can enjoy in the island, since it’s probably one of the main attractions, both for tourists and locals.

Calm waters, incredible landscapes and a diversity of marine species are just three things you will find in Tenerife.

In No Limits Fishing Tenerife, we have charter fishing services available just to offer visitors an outstanding experience, since you will do this activity with all the guidance and equipment needed, so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying fishing in this magical place.

In this post, we will show you our Tenerife fishing charters.

What kind of fishing charters can you hire with us?

There are basically three packages you can choose, depending on your budget and your tastes about fishing, so you will be able to have the most appropriate experience.

Shared charter

In this mode, you will have the opportunity of sharing your fishing experience with other anglers in a 4 hours trip where you’ll learn how to catch small tunas and barracudas, using an specific fishing rod. Obviously, there are many more species, but these two are the best known by tourists.

It’s important to highlight that our team will give you and introductory speech before boarding, so you will be able to understand how this stuff works, to catch something good.

Then, after we finish this shared fishing trip, our own team will prepare and clean what you fished, so you will have a nice and fresh lunch.

The price per fisher in this charter is 65€, which includes equipment and guidance, as well as a 4 hour trip with the crew to paradisiac fishing villages in Tenerife.

Private charter

If you like to have more privacy with your family and friends, you can just hire the private charter, that is a package where you can choose three different options, that can be done in our No Limits One yacht as well as the No Limits Two.

4 hour charter (550€ per boat)

For 10 people max., this option is the cheapest one because of the tour length, and it includes:

  • Fishing gear
  • Drinks such as coke, beer and water
  • Fishing license
  • Baguettes
  • Two different schedules, starting at 9:00am or 14:00pm

To book this tour, it’s necessary to make a 30% deposit of the entire amount, that is to say a 165 € deposit.

In addition, you have parking available right next to the pontoon (rates apply).

6 hour charter (800€ per boat)

This options is similar to the 4 hourcharter, but it lasts longer and in addition to baguettes, there are fruits available. Starting time is is at 14:00.

8 hour charter (1050€ per boat)

This is a a luxurious experience around the island, and you’ll have baguettes, fruits and crisps available, while you have the opportunity to do a trip to almost the entire Tenerife, fishing different marine species that you probably may not know.

This option starts is at 9:00.

La Gomera Charter

La Gomera Charter

La Gomera is basically one of the 7 main Canary islands, declared biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2012, just because landscapes are amazing.

You can book a trip to the island with your family and friends and have the opportunity to learn a lot from their rich culture and natural diversity. We will provide all the necessary equipment.

We will take you to La Gomera in our No Limits Two, that is known as the most sophisticated charter yacht in South Tenerife. We include:

  • Food supplies and beverages
  • A 20 years experienced crew
  • Accomodation
  • Fishing the island species
  • A 9 hour trip
  • And much more

As this is a trip that can only be done through previous reservation, you have to first contact with so that we can schedule this trip with you.

What’s included in our boats?

As explained above, there are basically two yachts that you can hire in Tenerife Sport Fishing:

No Limits One

This is a 28 foot Bertram with two 210hp engines from Volvo Penta brand, which is constantly updated.

It also counts with commodities such as:

  • Fish finder
  • Toilet
  • Ice box
  • Cabin
  • Sonar
  • Sun-bed
  • And much more

This boat is available for shared charters, where many records have been beaten by beginners, such as Blue Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi and many other species that can be found in Tenerife.

It’s also important to highlight that this yacht is equipped with the necessary fishing rods and has the most sophisticated technology, in order to enhance your performance.

No Limits Two

No Limits Two Yatch

A very complete boat, that is a 42 foot Rodman, and  counts with two 450hp engines from Volvo Penta which includes:

  • Radar
  • Fish finder
  • Sun bed
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Kitchen
  • Cabin
  • Air conditioning
  • Sofa
  • And much more

Its important to remark that, due to all the features this yacht has, it’s only available for private charters.

How can you do a reservation in Tenerife Sport Fishing?

You need to access to our packages’ page in order to book a plan. For shared charters you will find there are two scheduled trips per day.

It’s pretty easy to make a reservation with our professional, and it will be, without a doubt, an outstanding experience!

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